Case Studies

We believe in forming strong working partnerships with ALL our clients. Words Over Seas recognizes the human component of every business, providing a friendly, personal, and professional touch in all our services. Read about some of our most successful projects.


“Words Over Seas’ translation service has been very helpful to our company for press releases and technical articles.  Thomas is very responsive to email, courteous, and always meets deadlines. He has also been able to execute short turn-arounds when we have requested them. Our internal experts have found his translations to be 90% accurate--a difficult figure to achieve given the specialized industry in which we work. I appreciate his overall product and would recommend his translation services to other high-tech companies without reservation.”

Senior Director, Corporate Communications

Public/Investor Relations

Client: Havas Formula

Work Requested: 3 highly technical Nanotech Press Releases translated from English into Japanese for IMEC, a global leading Nanotech think tank.

Notable Challenges: IMEC, a world leading Nanotech & Nanoelectonics research institute headquartered in Belgium, tasked Havas with an urgent last-minute project that required the quick turnover of three press releases into Japanese within 5 business days. Each press release was highly complex, requiring a highly-specialized Nanotech knowledge as well as expert translation skills.

How We Solved It: Havas turned to Words Over Seas because of our excellent record prior Havas technical projects, as well as our excellent decade-long track record of translating KLA-Tencor press releases for the Asian market. We enlisted the help of a previous partner: seasoned semiconductor experts from KLA assisted Words Over Seas with the most precise and complex technical aspects of the press release, allowing us to deliver technically perfect Japanese press releases before the tight deadline. Havas was so thrilled they continued to award us with future IMEC press release translations and a new project translating Taiwanese media pitches into Traditional Chinese!

High Tech

Client: Leading Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

Work Requested: Client launched a new article series that required both Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions with rapid turnaround for publication in Asian markets.

Notable Challenges: In Spring 2012, our client launched a new ten-part article series that explored semiconductor industry manufacturing challenges. This long-term, high-volume project required tight turnaround, highly technical, complex translation, and accurate Chinese localization.

How We Solved It: Words Over Seas boldly embraced the challenge and became the sole Chinese vendor for the entire article series. With expertise in Traditional and Simplified Chinese - as well as knowledge about the nuances between the Chinese and Taiwanese markets - we employed our entire China and US-based TEPR QA team to deliver an accurate technical end-product with prompt turnaround to meet the client’s tight timeline. The customer was so impressed that they continued to employ Words Over Seas for the following editions of the article series over the next five years!


“I have worked closely with Thomas Shou on multiple projects that involved translating Chinese patent applications and invention disclosures into English for various high-tech industries. Accurate and clean, his final work product has always been great, especially considering that the patent applications are highly technical in nature.  Quick turnaround, reasonable rate, and good communication are all part of the great service you can expect from Thomas Shou … I highly recommend his translation services!”

Attorney, Townsend and Townsend Crew, LLP


Client: Kilpatrick Townsend (KPT)

Work Requested: Urgent Chinese Service Competence Evaluation Procedure PDF needed in English

Notable Challenges: Leading global IP firm, KPT, had an urgent request to translate a Simplified Chinese Service Competence Evaluation Procedure document into English for a civil action suit involving a Chinese medical systems company. KPT had to locate a reliable Chinese/English team with both medical and legal background to deliver precise translation in a tight window of 5 business days.

How We Solved It: Because of our excellent record working with KPT attorneys on patents and other legal documents, KPT turned to the expertise they’ve come to expect from Words Over Seas, trusting a reputable and reliable Chinese-English team to deliver a Chinese PDF doc into authentic legal English in a timely fashion.


Client: Personal Client/Family friend/CEO

Work Requested: Translation of “ 60 Years a Widow”, a 400-page personal-historical Chinese biography, into English for family members and future publication.

Notable Challenges: Motherboard CEO (a personal friend) tasked Words Over Seas to create an English version of a 400-page autobiographical historical Traditional Chinese novel. The story focuses on his mother, a devout Christian in China who raised his five siblings after her husband was martyred during the “White Terror” era after the Chinese Communist takeover. The high-volume nature of the project certainly presented a challenge, but the sensitive and intimate nature of the work demanded especially intense scrutiny and care.

How We Solved It: The Words Over Seas team was chosen for this special and personal family project due to Thomas’ strong personal relationship and the reputability of the entire Chinese-English translation team, who were each intimately involved to complete this 4-month project. After the team completed our standard TEPR QA process, we personally went through many rounds of revisions with client and his daughter to get every personal detail and name correct, as well as compiling pictures to format the book to the family’s liking before final delivery into both Word and PDF formats for later publication.


Praise from the client’s family:

“I think the translation work is well done!”

“Your team did a fantastic job. I read through the entire transcript… Thanks again for the dedication and hard work.”

“Thanks for the good work!”


Client: Artisan Business Group

Work Requested: Artisan Business Group, Inc. (ABG)., a leading international business and investment consulting firm sought a long-term reliable localization solution to handle all their EB-5 documentation for a booming Chinese market and its rapidly growing EB-5 business development clientele.

Notable Challenges: ABG CEO Brian Su was experiencing a huge jump in interest in the EB-5 business from numerous Chinese EB-5 investors and EB-5 Regional Centers on boths sides of the Pacific respectively starting in 2009. Due to this sudden growth in his EB-5 business and marketing business, Brian was searching for a 1-stop, reliable long-term partner to handle all his growing EB-5 translation documentation demands for the China market by his EB-5 Regional Center clients. In the past, he had used different EB-5 translation vendors with varied and unstable results and quality.

How We Solved It: After doing a careful scrutiny of different vendor options online and multiple discussions with CEO Thomas Shou, the Words Over Seas team was chosen as the long-term, singular EB-5 translation vendor for all of Artisan’s EB-5 extensive documentation translation needs. This included all types of EB-5 deliverables such as Private Placement Memorandums (PPM), Limited Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements, Subscription Agreements, promotional collateral (Videos, Websites, Brochures), Executive Summaries, and Job Creation Summaries. Since 2009, Words Over Seas has successfully localized EB-5 documentation packages for over 20 EB-5 Regional Centers across the nation through its partnership with Artisan and many other direct EB-5 Regional Center clients.