Get It Right The First Time

We believe deeply in the power of people. Even in an age of reliance on digital tools, no one understands language quite like a human being. With our personal touch and TEPR Quality Assurance process, we guarantee stress-free and error-free translations that undergo rigorous scrutiny before delivery.

Translate - Our expert team drafts a rough translation, paying particular attention to message and tone.

Edit - The first round of review, our team checks that ideas have been accurately conveyed, both in connotation and denotation.

Proofread - Our team checks for any mistakes in syntax, vocabulary, or grammar, providing thorough and detailed review.

Review - The final check, we assign another team of native experts to look back over the entire project for comprehensive scrutiny. At this final stage, our detailed QA inspection double checks for completeness, cosmetic or formatting inconsistencies, terminology issues, spelling or grammatical mistakes and typos, ensuring that we deliver a polished final product to all our clients.


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We assign every project to an experienced project manager to ensure that our standards for both high-quality TEPR translation and fast turnaround are met.

We’ll do it right the first time.


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