High Tech

  • Translated technical and marketing content for the most cutting-edge high tech industries in Silicon Valley for over a decade

  • Partnered with Semiconductor, Solar, Cloud Computing, Biotech, Pharma, Greentech, Mobile, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence firms, right here in the heart of the world’s tech capital

  • Reliable quality and lightning fast turnaround for a world where ideas spread across the globe in an instant

Legal & Intellectual Property

  • Expertise working with the precise, detailed language and tight deadlines the legal field requires

  • Translate complex, nuanced ideas with human oversight and attention to context and culture

  • We have strong working relationships with the country’s top law firms

Public & Investor Relations

  • We understand that delivering a clear, direct message is paramount

  • Human oversight ensures flawless translation with special attention to culture, context, and tone - you develop your message, we translate exactly that idea.

  • We handle press releases, speeches, presentations, white papers, blogs, social media, and more!

  • Artists use language to tell human stories to human audiences - don’t settle for anything less than human translation

  • Full array of formats - books, children’s stories, videos, storyboards, and more!

  • A personal and creative touch ensures your ideas and themes are translated, not just the words


  • We handle all investment and immigration-related documents

  • Extensive history and expertise translating investment materials, including EB-5 deliverables

  • Whether you’re moving your business or your life to a new location, we’re here to help you along the way!

Investment &




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Wayne Lo, Founder/CEO of Infomato, Inc.