We offer multiple pricing models and sliding scale rates to cater perfectly to your business’ needs.


Flat Fee

Our most basic pricing model, pay a flat rate of $125 for expert translation of smaller projects with minimal content (~250 words).

Ideal For: Business cards, simple brochures, banner ad content, minor press releases, trade show posters,etc.


Pay Per Source Word

Straight and to the point, our standard pricing model charges you for every source word.

Ex. Chinese to English - pay for each Chinese character

Or English to Korean - pay for each English word

Ideal for: Press releases, technical manuals, contracts,white papers, brochures, books etc.

Pay Per Page

Another simple way to calculate price, paying by the page is suited best for high-volume or repeat projects.

Ideal for: Patents, inventions, EB-5 packages, etc.

Pay Per Project

The most variable model, paying by the project takes into consideration the entire scope of work: size, complexity, turnaround time, etc. Suited better for the less straightforward projects, Words Over Seas uses the pay-per-project model to find a flexible solution that suits your business’ needs.

Ideal for: TV commercials, audio/voice over, movies, multilingual projects, etc.