Document Translation

We offer fast, accurate, and culturally-sensitive translations across a wide array of industries.

For over a decade, we have successfully completed projects for the High-Tech, Legal, Public Relations, Commercial and most major industries.

So whether you need to translate white papers, press releases, contracts, technical manuals, patents, or any other kind of document, let Words Over Seas be your personal and professional Asian language partner!

From conversational to precise tone, our international team of native experts offer flawless work and quick turnaround.


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Guaranteed to get it right the first time with TEPR Quality Assurance!

Website Localization

Your website is the gateway to your business. Overcome the “Great Wall” of Asian language and culture that separates you from accessing the booming Asian marketplace.

Translate the content of your website and localize its messaging into the Asian language of your target audience, so your story, your product, and your ideas come across exactly as you intend.  

Our expert human team offers personalized, culturally-sensitive feedback on messaging and imagery so you don’t have to rely on cheap, automated translation services.


Creative Multimedia Localization

As the great George Bernard Shaw so astutely observed, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” If this is a problem when we speak the same language, it's an even bigger obstacle when you add in a language barrier!

Therefore, translate your ideas, not simply your words — Even if something is nearly identical in its dictionary definition, in mishandling the words even a tiny bit, it loses its full depth and meaning.

Translate your creative projects across multimedia platforms: books, children’s stories, movies, songs, TV commercials, corporate training videos, e-learning courses and more.

We understand that it’s not simply what you say, it’s how you say it -- you chose to tell your story a certain way, so make sure your translation conveys the full beauty and complexity it deserves.


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Multimedia Formats

  • Script and Subtitle translation

  • Voice Overs (Dubbing)

  • Video production

  • Audio and video post-production

  • Art, graphics, and animation localization


Software Localization

Building a software program requires focus, hard work, and meticulous quality assurance.

We bring those same principles to localizing your software documentation to ensure a smooth user experience for your international customers.

With our personalized touch, we make sure that all the software content — instructions, windows, data fields, and more — is accurately translated so that your clients across the world can use your software product as efficiently and easily as possible.


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